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Lessons? Scuba DivingScuba Lessons, and Instruction, Swim Lessons  Charlotte, NC. Scuba Equipment, Snorkeling, Swim Lessons and Lifeguard Classes! Open Water Adventures (OWA), located in Charlotte, NC is a professionally operated training facility and gear outfitter. We Offer unparalleled training, Adventure Travel, and customer service in Charlotte and Concord, NC. Our Customers come from many other places in the surrounding region. We take pride in offering excellent scuba and swim instruction, scuba equipment sales and service, and activities in our custom-designed indoor heated pool. We also offer domestic & international dive trips, and dive club socials. Our goal is to show  customers how to dive safely & confidently through proper training and quality equipment.

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Open Water Adventures is Celebrating our 20th year of teaching Scuba Divers and Swimmers to be safe and have fun in the water. Our staff truly cares about every customer. We are dedicated to providing the best education and quality scuba equipment in Charlotte and the surrounding region. You can shop with confidence at our facility. We hand select all of our products, and we guarantee function and fit. You can test your new equipment in our on site pool. We are more than hobbyists, we are trained professionals that spend a lot of time in the water. This enables us to identify your needs and recommend training and equipment that are best suited for your needs. We call our Custom Training Pool our “Dive Simulator”. It provides a superior experience compared to training at a public pool. We are dedicated to turning every one of our customers into a “Scuba Diver”. We will prepare you for a life of adventure. Come visit us to see for yourself why we are very proud.