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Adult Swim Lessons

Swim lessons are not just for kids! We have adult swim lessons, which are taught privately one-on-one (semi-private swim lessons are also an option), once a week for 30 minutes.  We do our best to keep you with your same day, time, and teacher every week so you can build trust and achieve progression.

We’ll ask you two things on your first day: what can you do already (even if its nothing!), and what is your goal. Based on your answers, we’ll customize your swim lessons to work towards achieving whatever goal you have set for yourself. Its a private pool, so no embarrassment. So whether you are a total beginner, or can already swim and want to brush up on technique, we can help!

Classes listed below may show full, but are available for wait lists. Make sure you check the open time slots for immediate availability.

*Please note:  What you see below is current as of TODAY- it may change tomorrow!  So if you can’t find an opening we strongly suggest you still get registered so we can look internally or get you wait listed.


Register Online Click this button if you don’t see what you’re looking for, which allows you to register but not select a specific day/time.  Please leave notes in the comment section so we can help you get started!