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Preschool (Group Lessons)

This level is meant for kids who are 4 years old or young 5 year olds. They are just getting to the age where they can understand things cognitively as well as physically, so they are able to grasp concepts and skills. We push the safety and comfort factor, making sure they learn what to do in case of a fall into water- even if it doesn’t look pretty yet! Basic skills are introduced as well. Eventual goals are to jump in the 4 foot section and get to the wall on their own, backfloat independently, as well as swim at least 10 feet.

  • Preschool – for brand new kids, first timers
  • Advanced Preschool – for kids who can already swim 10ft, get front breath with assistance, back float almost on their own, and uses arms and legs together in a forward motion

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