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Equipment Service at Open Water Adventures

When you purchase your own Total Diving System from an Authorized Dealer it is a substantial investment that can last for decades if you take proper care of your equipment. The gear is what keeps you safe and breathing comfortably on your adventures below the surface. Most Scuba Equipment Manufacturers reward divers for servicing your BCD, Regulator, and Dive Computer on an annual basis. Some provide free annual replacement parts, and most will replace or repair at no charge major components of your system provided that the equipment is serviced once a year at an authorized dealer. The other major benefit is that your gear is always ready for a Spontaneous Dive trip no matter when the opportunity arises.

What does an Authorized Dealer do to Service your Equipment?

Your regulator, which usually consists of three stages, is taken apart and cleaned thoroughly. The technician then rebuilds your regulator with parts kits that are provided by the Manufacturer. The regulator is then bench tested for inhalation and exhalation effort, and the intermediate pressure is checked and adjusted according to manufacturer specs.

Your Buoyancy Control Device (BCD) gets dismantled and the overinflation valves and inflator are cleaned, serviced, and reassembled. The bladder of your BCD is flushed with a cleaner that disinfects and removes salt crystals, and the technician checks all seams, zippers, and velcro for integrity. Lastly, the BCD is submerged to check for leaks.

Your Dive Computer and Gauges have orings, batteries, and spools that need to be cleaned or changed. If you have a quick connect on your gauge set then it gets cleaned and serviced as well. Also, if you have a dive computer with a transmitter then the battery in the transmitter gets changed.

Proof of Service: Open Water Adventures uses Service Sleeves to identify that your equipment has been serviced. This is helpful if a dive operator asks for proof of service before participating in dive activities. The date indicated on the sleeve is the date of service and expires 12 months from the date indicated. Also, we guarantee our work between annual service visits. We will adjust or tune your equipment for free between annual service visits.

Equipment Service Rates (Average System = 115.00)

3 Stages of Labor=90.00, Console Service=10.00, BCD Service=15.00


Hydro Package (Air) $50.00

Hydro Package (Nitrox) $75.00

Valve Service $10.00 plus parts

VIP Steel $10.00, VIP PLUS Aluminum $15.00

Batteries and parts kits are additional, unless covered by parts warranty (Call Open Water Adventures if you are unsure about parts warranty eligibility)

We will call you first if we find anything wrong that will add cost to your service such as: worn hoses, torn mouthpieces, damaged parts, etc…

The Brands We Service

Aqualung, US Divers, Apeks, Suunto, Atomic, Sherwood, Genesis, Zeagle, Scubapro, Poseidon, TUSA,  XS Scuba, and Oceanic