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The Titan regulator series features a balanced diaphragm first stage that is equipped with the "Air Turbo System," an additional channel built into the first stage designed to boost the breathing performance of the regulator. The Titan series uses a standard yoke connector and an optional DIN adapter is available as an accessory. The second stage has two connection options, a Quick Connect model and the traditional Classic Version.

    * Compatible with EAN 40 right out of the box
    * Din adapter Option
    * Environmental Kit option

Quick Connect Version
  • Allows the 2nd stage to be removed and reattached without tools for quick change-outs in the field and rental locker
  • Can easily be reversed from right-handed to left-handed configuration by an Authorized Aqua Lung dealer without the purchase of additional parts 
Classic Version
  • Offers traditional hose attachment via swivel nut
  • Not reversible from right-handed to left-handed configuration
Proven Titan balanced diaphragm first stage.

Air Turbo System

Compact 1st stage design

High-performance, mid-sized second stage

Diver-controlled Venturi Adjustment Switch (VAS) reduces sensitivity to free flow on the surface and provides maximum airflow at depth

Exclusive Comfo-Bite™ mouthpiece virtually eliminates jaw fatigue

4 low pressure ports and 1 high pressure port

All ports angled for optimum hose position