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Black skirt: Black

Solid, robust mask with technical divers in mind

Outer frame made of shock absorbent techno-polymer

The backing rear support is a one-piece molded frame

Assembled with stainless steel AISI 304 bolts and screws

Cardanic joint buckles (double joint buckles) rotate both up-and-down and in-and-out

Quick counterposed push button activation is easy to use even when wearing gloves.

Wide headpiece on silicone strap provides stability and comfort

Due to its particular structure, the mask may be folded to fit into BC pockets


What the professionals say about the Teknika mask:

"To tell the truth, I was not at all excited to try the new Teknika mask that you practically forced me to take.  I am a function guy and I already have a bunch of masks, so after all, how "new" could a new mask really be?  Well, I was totally wrong, and you delivered the mask that I am now in love with.

Typically, my diving days are somewhere between a couple of hours to six or seven hours long.  That is a lot of time to spend in the water, but it is what I do.  The most uncomfortable thing for me to deal with on long dives is my mask. 

Your Teknika mask has a revolutionary skirt design that totally eliminates the pressure point under the nose.  It also has great field of vision.  I love this thing and it doesn't look bad either. 

I owe you"

-John Chatterton, Professional Diver and Aqua Lung A-Team member