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Phone: (704) 547-5991
Address: 12210 US Hwy 29 N
Charlotte, NC 28262

Hours: Monday – Saturday
10:00am to 6:00pm
Dive Galapagos- Next Travel Date TBA

Dive Galapagos in Clouds of fish so large they block out the sun, schools of sharks in the hundreds, whale sharks, and mantas for a start. Swim with penguins! Swim with Sunfish, marine iguanas, whale sharks, dolphins, galapagos sharks, and sea lions too. Too many hammerheads to count! This trip is 8 days on a live-aboard. A truly special place. The Open Water Adventures Crew has been to Galapagos 7 times. It is definitely one of our favorite destinations.

The best way to explore Galapagos as a diver is on a Live-Aboard Vessel. There are approximately 12 operators that offer Dive Adventures all the way out to Wolf and Darwin Island. These yachts are appointed with private in suite bathrooms, movie and mp3 players, heated wet changing area, and much more. OWA has chartered multiple vessels for our trips over the years. OWA has made several trips to this region and we are well versed in all of the aspects of preparation to make this your trip of a lifetime. The crews on the boats have years of experience leading divers in the Islands of Galapagos. They will take care of all your needs while you are aboard.

Galapagos is a dive destination that is for Advanced Divers. You should have between 50 and 100 dives, and it is recommended that you have a Nitrox Certification. This region is abundant with large marine animals, but the dives can be challenging. You need to be well prepared before traveling to Galapagos to get the most out of your Dive Adventure. We recommend experience in the following: Deep Diving, Drift Diving, Advanced Buoyancy, and Rescue Diver at minimum.

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You will need to fill out the following forms to travel with us: Activity AgreementActivity WaiverCredit Card Authorization

****OWA Recommends that your Passport be valid for a minimum of One Year after the Date of return**** Each traveler should research the rules and regulations for travel documents for the region.