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Poseidon Rebreather Certification

Poseidon Rebreather Certification will allow you to explore the Under Water World in Silence, and become one with the Aquatic Environment! This is the dream of all divers that enter the Sport of SCUBA. This is a reality with the Poseidon Mark VII Rebreather.

This is your opportunity to hear the sound of your own breath, your heart beating, the reef crackling, and whales and dolphins sing. You will also get close to Marine Life and have an unobstructed panoramic view of “Innerspace”. Poseidon has created the safest Rebreather available today.

At Open Water Adventures, we waited for years for this experience. We had a list of criteria that a Rebreather must meet in addition to all of the basic benefits. The unit needed to be safe, easy to travel with, easy to use, and easy to set up and break down. In October of 2011 we found our rebreather. The Poseidon Mark VII is all of these things rolled into one great package.

Finally, Poseidon has the answer. The Lunar Mark VII Rebreather is sure to change the future of diving. At Open Water Adventures we believe that Rebreather Diving Requires intimate knowledge of the gear, so we require all students to purchase their own Rebreather prior to training. It is a substantial investment that is worthwhile. You will need to log a lot of hours on your unit to get comfortable. After you enjoy "the silence", you may find you never want to go back to Open Circuit Diving.

Please contact Joe for more information. You can always come visit us to get a better understanding of this amazing technology.