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Phone: (704) 547-5991
Address: 12210 US Hwy 29 N
Charlotte, NC 28262

Hours: Monday – Saturday
10:00am to 6:30pm
Dive the NC Coast – Wrecks, Ledges, Fossils and more!

Welcome to the NC Coast! The diverse world of underwater exploration into history. Dive the historic ship wrecks of the NC Coast. Become an instant archaeologist with our Fossil Ledge dives. Photograph the many unique creatures on the artificial reefs such as the sand tiger shark and lion fish. Spearfish or Catch Lobster.

Our Carolina Coast Trips Leave out of Wilmington or Morehead City. Each schedule is different. We will dive on wrecks, fossil ledges, and enjoy large schools of fish and Sand Tiger Sharks. You never know what you will encounter off the Coast of the Carolinas.

Wrecks, wrecks, wrecks! Dive 2 wrecks a day for 2 days in a row. Experience the many different profiles, creatures, and corals that each unique site offers.

Call (704) 547-5991 today to reserve your place. All divers must have their own Reel and Dive Marker Tube.

You will need to fill out the following forms to travel with us: Activity Agreement, Activity WaiverCredit Card Authorization