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Charlotte, NC 28262

Hours: Monday – Saturday
10:00am to 6:00pm

Florida Springs of Central Florida - $545.00
(Includes Hotel, Breakfast, Entry Fees, Tanks and Air Fills)

Join us on a unique diving adventure to central Florida and the ages old natural springs. Enjoy drifting the spectacular Rainbow River, dive the famous Blue Grotto, and immerse yourself in the underground pool at Devils Den. This is an ideal family and young diver trip. Also a great place to do your check out dives!! Each trip Itinerary is unique, and the Springs we dive will depend on weather conditions and group dynamics.

Open Water Adventures has been traveling to Central Florida for over 28 years, and we have all the details planned to make your trip a great one. The Springs of Florida are 72 degrees year round. This controlled climate makes it possible to dive every day of the year. Some of the sites are sink holes that are hundreds of years old, and some others are spring fed rivers that flow out to sea. Many animals migrate into the rivers to feed and escape cooler ocean temperatures in the Winter. The Manatee are the most famous of these visitors, however it is also not uncommon to see dolphin, tarpon, small bait fish, and turtles. The river banks are covered in Huge Live Oaks with Spanish moss hanging from the branches. The landscape is very peaceful and looks almost prehistoric. The water is very clear, and the Manatee are very friendly if you approach them quietly. Most of the time they will block your way back to the boat until you give them a good belly rub!

December 14 thru 17th, 2023 - $545.00
February 16th thru 19th, 2024 - $545.00

April 11th thru 14th, 2024 - $545.00
October 24th thru 27th, 2024 - $545.00
December 19th thru 22nd, 2024 - $545.00

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