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Raja Ampat (Indonesia)

Dive Raja Ampat and Ambon Indonesia- See some of earth’s oddest creatures Big and Small

Spring 2018! April 6th thru 22 – $7995.00 all inclusive (14 Day Land Trip)

Misool Dive Resort and Maluku Divers will be our Home!


In Misool we will stay at Misool Eco Resort. We will enjoy all creatures great and small and “muck” dives on the dark sand slopes of Batanta where its critters galore! We will spend most of our days diving a variety of sites in the Misool area, which is known for their stunning corals, including Boo Windows and Gorgonian Passage where sea fans dominate the scenery. Mantas are also a big highlight for the region. The marine diversity is incredible. The corals in this region are mind blowing. The coral health is the best in the world!


In Ambon on the second leg of our journey we will stay at Maluku Divers Resort. This destination is famous for “Muck Diving”. Don’t let the title fool you. The creatures are amazing! This is macro critter heaven, and you will see more macro life in 4 days then you will see in a lifetime of diving in most parts of the world. It is called muck diving, because the bottom is usually sand and rubble. The visibility is good and there are also some very beautiful corals. The list of characters includes: Frog Fish, Cuttle Fish, Rhinopias, Blue Ringed Octopus, Sea Horses, Midori Octopus, Shrimp of every color and description, and too many other things to include them all. You can see a sampling of critters in the Gallery on “Maluku’s Website Gallery

This is Open Water Adventures third visit to the region. We would dive here more frequently if it were only closer to the US. The remoteness is what makes it special, and the people are warm and welcoming! Come join us and experience a Diving Adventure like no other.


$7995.00 per person with Airfare, Lodging, Meals, Diving, and Transfers.

Price is based on Cabin Selection. Ask Joe Gaydeski for Details.

Call (704) 547-5991 today to reserve your space on this adventure. $1000.00 deposit required at reservation.

You will need to fill out the following forms to travel with us: Activity AgreementActivity WaiverCredit Card Authorization

***OWA strongly recommends that your passport be valid for a minimum of 1 year after date of return*** Each traveler should research the rules and regulations for the destination.

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