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Ambon (Indonesia)

Ambon Muck Diving

Ambon Muck Diving

Dive Ambon – See some of earth’s oddest creatures

November 15 thru 26 2015 – $4500.00 all inclusive

Ambon is all about “Muck Diving”, which does not immediately sound appealing until you realize that there are some pretty amazing creatures. Ambon Island is part of the Maluku Islands of Indonesia. It is 32 miles long but is almost divided in half by a body of water called Ambon Bay. This bay can be over 3,000 feet deep in some areas. Ambon has world class muck diving and will reward the macro photographer and Videographer with incredible critter dives. To this day, Ambon Bay still amazes us with new species of marine life. Recently discovered is the very rare Ambon Frog Fish, also known as the Psychedelic Frog Fish. The unusual geology and tidal movements of the bay reward us with amazing marine biodiversity. This unique topography and irregular water circulation make this a wonderful trip for photographers of all experience levels to come back with footage of critters that most people have never heard of or imagined. More than 7,000 islands of lush tropical greenery, ringed with unspoiled beaches, are scattered around these deep-blue waters which offer about 40,000 square kilometers of coral reefs teeming with a wide variety of marine life.

Open Water Adventures has booked this adventure with Maluku Divers which is a dive operator and resort. A normal day of diving at Maluku Divers consists of a two tank departure in the morning, which usually heads out of the resort at around 08:30. Dive one is followed by a surface interval spent on the dive boat, where divers enjoy some snacks and drinks, before diving again at a different site. After these two dives, the boats will return to the resort, for charging and downloading requirements, as well as a healthy lunch. The boat will then depart for a single tank afternoon dive.

While at the resort we enjoy three meals a day, and 3 boat dives per day. Also included are all transfers, overnight stays, and airfare!

$4500.00 per person with airfare

Call (704) 547-5991 today to reserve your space on this adventure.

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***OWA strongly recommends that your passport be valid for a minimum of 1 year after date of return***