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Conservation is Our Responsibility
At Open Water Adventures we have been privileged to travel to a lot of amazing places above and below the water over the last 30 years. Some of these places have been pristine and others not quite what they used to be. Pristine locations are disappearing rapidly. Conservation is more important now than ever! We do have the power as humans to make change and save what we have left. Sometimes, it may seem that the task is too large and overwhelming to make a difference, however the are many ways that we each can help, that do not require all of our money, time and resources.

It does not matter if you are a brand new diver or if you have been an underwater explorer for years, you can bring about change. There are many organizations that already exist that are doing everything they can to save “Our Planet”. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to educate yourself by subscribing to these organizations, and to volunteer any resource you can comfortably provide to help conservation efforts. You can volunteer time, money, your voice to create awareness, your signature on a petition, or a specific talent that you possess.

Conservation is a global problem. No single village, city, country or group of people is to blame. We all need to change some of the ways we live our life, and examine the businesses and activities that we support. It is very easy to bury your head in the sand and say the Planet is just changing and it is not our fault. Who really knows all the answers? What if instead, you could do something that helped save a region of the planet or an entire species. This is not a far-fetched idea. We are optimists at OWA, and we believe great things can happen with the efforts of many.

Our owners Joe and Heather Gaydeski follow the work of a handful of conservation organizations and provide monetary support in the form of Donations, volunteer our time, and sign every petition we can. We have witnessed what can happen when people speak out: the formation of new Marine Parks, legislation to ban shark Finning, bans on fishing for large groupers, manta rays, whale sharks, and many other species. Our hope is that awareness is growing and that we can change the course we are all on. What if as humans we started marking the number of births in a year of a species, instead of the number of extinctions.

What Can you Do?

Please take the time to help return balance back to our oceans and our entire planet by doing some research and check out the organizations that are doing great work! This page contains links to a few of the organizations that we support at Open Water Adventures. Check out: Shark Savers, Ocean Conservancy, Galapagos Marine Park, and Coral Reef Restoration.

Thank for becoming a diver! Share your experience with everyone you know.