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Charlotte, NC 28262

Hours: Monday – Saturday
10:00am to 6:00pm

Beginner Swim Lessons (Group)

Beginner Swim Lessons are perfect for children ages 5 and up. We focus on water safety (what to do if they fall in alone), comfort, and skills that will be the basis for everything else done in the water. Beginner swim techniques with arms, legs, and breathing are shown on both the front and back. Final Goals include jumping in the deep end and getting to safety without assistance, and swimming across the pool independently with rollover breathing.

  • Beginner 1– Child with limited experience or a first timer
    • To Promote: Based on SKILL, not AGE
      • Swim length of pool with flutter kicks, windmill arms and head in water independently doing rollover non-rhythmic breathing.
  • Beginner 2– Child who can already swim length of our pool(45ft) independently with flutter kicks/windmill arms and rollover (non-rhythmic) breathing.
    • To Promote: Based on SKILL, not AGE
      • Swim whole lap (down and back) continuously and independently using windmill arms, flutter kicks and rhythmic rollover breathing.