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Charlotte, NC 28262

Hours: Monday – Saturday
10:00am to 6:00pm

3 Year Old  (Group Lessons)

This is a class designed specifically for 3 year olds, and is limited to only 3 children (they need the extra time and attention!). This is also the first class being in the water with just the teacher (no parent needed). Most of their learning at this age is done through repetition and muscle memory. We aim to teach them water safety and very basic skills that they will need for any other class (breath holding, bubbles, floating, movement, etc.). With time and consistency, this age group will have final goals of going underwater 5-10 seconds, forward momentum with arm pulls and kicks, independent back float, and safety jumps from the side of the pool on own.

To Promote: USUALLY based on AGE, not skill. Typically turns 4yr and goes to Preschool class.